Food Is Love, hosted by Selfcare Housekeeping.


Date & time Feb 13, 06:00PM
Event ends Feb 13, 08:00PM
4409 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA
Creator Broosis


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Food Is Love, hosted by Selfcare Housekeeping.Have you ever smelled something and suddenly felt like you were in the presence of a distant loved one? Or took a bite of something that tasted like love and family? There is nothing more intimate than our experience with food. What we eat, how we eat, when we eat - smells, sounds, colors, flavors, textures. Food plays such a major role in our lives and relationships. Join Self Care Housekeeping and The Bowl Of Life, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Candle Lab for an evening of hands-on exploration of food, people, experiences, and how our relationships with all of those things are connected. Come with your date, friends, or solo to explore and share how things like love taste to you; how friendship feels, happiness smells, and much more through the experience of food.

One of our activities will be exploring our connection to various scents. Bring a little extra cash if you would like to make a candle that smells like love to give to your s.o.s. or to take home and enjoy yourself! For more information on candle pricing and process, visit Candle Lab here: → https://www.thecandlelab.com/pages/parties

You'll leave this event with a deeper understanding of the relationship with food that you and your loved ones have, how to communicate better through food and improve your overall quality of life and connections to other people. You may even learn something to spice up your relationship with that special someone ;)

Enjoy small titillating bites and libations during our time together.

$20 early bird tickets while supplies last

For directions:

Phone: +1 412-439-4578 

Email: pittsburgh@thecandlelab.com


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